Third Party Ninjas
Based in Saint Peters, Missouri

Founding date:
February 25, 2012


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Final Flight Of The Perseus
Happy Piggy



Third Party Ninjas is an independent game studio operated by husband and wife team Jesse and Mollie Chounard. We're making the world a more fun place, one game at a time.


Superhero Origin Story

A lifelong gamer, Jesse always dreamed of writing video games. When Microsoft created XNA and the Xbox Live Community Games program, he and Mollie began creating games as a hobby. Their first game, called Being, was released as an Xbox Indies launch title in November 2008, and Bluebones' Curse was released in October 2010.

Hypership Out of Control

Following the release of Bluebones' Curse, Jesse started experimenting with programming for iOS devices, and approached Kris Steele of Fun Infused Games about porting the Xbox Live Indie hit Hypership Out of Control. Hypership was released on iOS in September of 2011, and went on to outsell the original Xbox Live version. It received an excellent critical response, and was nominated in the 2012 Pocket Gamer Awards for Best Action/Arcade Game alongside megahit games like Jetpack Joyride, Grand Theft Auto 3, and Super Mario 3D Land.

Happy Piggy!

Watching their three year old daughter playing iPad games, Jesse noticed an unfortunate trend for her to get frustrated because she would get stuck on upsell screens or complicated menus. The team next worked to create a bright, cheerful, educational title for children her age. Happy Piggy! was born. Created for 2-5 year olds, Happy Piggy! is a spelling game that focuses on letting kids play and have fun.

Final Flight of the Perseus

Excited to return to the realm of action games, the team next launched a new space shooter called Final Flight of the Perseus for iOS. Built on the incredibly intuitive touch-based input system that was so successful in Hypership Out of Control, Perseus is a wave based shooter, with exciting boss fights, and procedural content for infinite replayability.



Final Flight of the Perseus YouTube

Bluebones' Curse YouTube

Hypership Out of Control - Fun Infused Games YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "2012 Pocket Gamer Awards - Nominated for Best Action/Arcade Game" - For Hypership Out of Control

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